Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Power Shakes - to be big and strong
A busy day for our children as part of a nutrition workshop in the kindergarten. Nutritionist Pia Bachleitner prepared after a few 
Kim-games delicious power smoothies with the children.

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Growing plants in Eger, Hungary

The children plant the cores came from various countries. Later they care them. They observe the growing of plants..

Hungarian dishes

Planting potatoes (relay race)

Equipment needed:     foot stools – each group has got one bean sacks – each child has got one

The members of the team are lining up behind each other in teams.

After the ’Start’ signal has been shot, the first players ( the captpains of the teams) start runnig fast towards the foot stools. When they are there, they drop the bean sacks (or small balls) into the foot stools, and go on running towards the buoys and around them. When they have run around the buoys, they  start running back to their groups, touch the first children’s hands in the lines. The next runners will be the ones whose hands have been touched by the previous runners.

After having been touched, the second runners start running fast towards the foot stools. When they have reached them, they take the bean sacks out of the foot stools, and start running towards the bouys with the bean sacks in their hands, they run around the buoys, then start running towards the start lines, there they hand the bean sacks over to the next children in lines who start running towards the foot stools with the bean sacks in their hands, drop the bean sacks into the foot stools and …….

It goes on until everyone has done the exercise.


Presentation of healthy way of life